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Instead of the tagline "Life's short. I made no mistakes in either. They might actually call me by my real name, not daughter, or child, or whatever else father calls me.


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  1. Dilabar says:

    Its previous executive, Noel Biderman, resigned soon after the data breach, which exposed customer data and many of his own embarrassing emails, including some that suggested he was having affairs himself, according to Buzzfeed News.

  2. Tojazilkree says:

    And I know how to break into safes, so I could easily get the money, and if father has laser sensors, I have seeing spray.

  3. Shasho says:

    I have the place to myself tonight, father is doing his last alone steal.

  4. Vujora says:

    Father has decided I'm ready to help him be a villain. The FTC did not respond to our request.

  5. Dinris says:

    Now, Millership says, there are only real women using the site, at a ratio of about about one woman to every five men. One of the most notable is its pivot away from infidelity.

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