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Best Love Songs: Top 100 Love Songs of All Time

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Who doesn't love Lloyd Dobler? It was originally penned by Jennifer Rush for her boyfriend Steven, but Dion's breathtaking vocal range brings it to life. It appeared on the self-titled debut album, which was a MySpace sensation.

Best songs for love

Everyone wants to hear their sweetheart utter these words: However, it also deals with the topic of loving someone so much that they would just warm you up and breathe you in, which is pretty heavy. Listening to this poignant indie tune leaves you with a dull ache in your chest and a lump in your throat.

Best songs for love

Best songs for love

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    This rock classic off their famous Abbey Road album was penned by George Harrison for his wife, Pattie. It remained in the charts for over two years in the United Kingdom, and appeared on numerous TV shows.

  2. Gurr says:

    It was originally penned by Jennifer Rush for her boyfriend Steven, but Dion's breathtaking vocal range brings it to life. The inspiration was his wife, Annie, who is the envy of everyone who listens to this heartfelt folk tune.

  3. Goltikora says:

    It originally appeared on the Hannah Montana: It's realistic, relatable and down-to-earth, which makes it the perfect wedding dance tune.

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