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However, we need to allow our children to form and test theories, experiment and understand how the world works. Allowing your children to navigate problems allows them to analysis and develop critical thinking skills that will aid them in the long run. How do I build a water wheel and how does this create electricity?


In other instances, it may be more appropriate to experiment with your child; this is easily done with science experiments, cooking lessons, arts and crafts and more. The issue is that not all of that information is correct and it can be effortless to get influenced into believing something that is not factual or real. The ability to analyze a situation or problem is important skills that demand from employers will only grow as we continue to adopt technology throughout our lives.



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  1. Mikazilkree says:

    For older children, ask open ended questions taught encourage critical thinking while providing enough information to prevent frustration, but not enough to solve the problem for them.

  2. Goltilkree says:

    As hard as it may be, avoid finishing or doing the task for them. Critical thinking skills are essential to develop to understand the problem and develop possible solutions; we need to teach kids the steps of problem-solving to use with critical thinking to utilize as an effective problem-solving process.

  3. Gataxe says:

    Then move on to try something else and see if they can create a different result. To experiment and through experimenting develop the cause and effect of what happened.

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