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Boxers or briefs? Men’s underwear choice could affect sperm count, study says

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But possibly one thing so simple as altering the type of underwear a person wears could make a distinction. That finding may warrant a wardrobe change among men actively looking to father a child, says study co-author Jorge Chavarro, an associate professor of nutrition, epidemiology and medicine at Harvard. Many of these men may have had problems with sperm quality or quantity, regardless of the type of underwear they wore.

Boxer briefs vs boxers sperm count

What did the research involve? In the first phase of the study, all the men provided a sperm sample and a blood sample on the same day. Share via Email Ditch the budgie smuggler to increase your fertility, scientists say.

Boxer briefs vs boxers sperm count

Boxer briefs vs boxers sperm count

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  1. Digis says:

    Chan School of Public Health, said in a statement.

  2. Zulkigami says:

    This study provides some additional support for the idea that looser-fitting underwear may be better for producing healthy sperm. August 8,

  3. JoJotaxe says:

    The researchers noted that their findings were consistent with previous studies, but their study did have some limitations. It's also important to note that the study wasn't able to consider some factors that could affect testicular temperatures, such as the type of underwear fabric, or whether the men wore tight pants such as skinny jeans, the researchers said.

  4. Maugal says:

    Wear unfastened clothes, particularly in case you sit for lengthy durations of time.

  5. Bakinos says:

    What kind of research was this? Still, Eisenberg said that "if the current study can be consistently reproduced, then I think it's something we should discuss with all patients.

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