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Saving money is always an appealing prospect, and when you can enjoy delicious restaurant-style meals and desserts using CopyKat Recipes without dipping into your savings, it just makes it taste that much sweeter. Stephanie Manley started CopyKat Recipes as a way for food lovers to recreate delicious restaurant menu items in their own kitchens for a fraction of the cost of dining out. Work-flow charts help her Pinning go smoothly.

Copykat com recipes

The accessibility and affordability of her recipes make it possible for just about anyone to create that dining-out experience in their own home, bypassing the hefty price tags associated with being charged restaurant prices and tipping the wait staff. The best part is that they can be prepared in a home kitchen for a fraction of what they would cost when dining out or purchasing pre-made meals from stores.

Copykat com recipes

Copykat com recipes

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