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Avoidant Attachment: A Guide to Attachment Theory

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How to Love or Leave a Dismissive Partner. These kinds of feelings and thoughts may lead people to stay in unhappy relationships.

Dismissing avoidant attachment

This can increase the chance of bad spin cycles for singles. On one hand, the relationship between attachment styles and desire for less closeness is predictable. Someone with an Anxious style may fall into the trap of manipulation and game-playing in order to get reassurance from their partner.

Dismissing avoidant attachment

Dismissing avoidant attachment

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  1. Zugis says:

    The dismissive-avoidant individuals who we will call Dismissives have completed a mental transformation that says: The most compelling theory of how consciousness arose has between-person communication primitive language giving rise to internal communication, so that what we see as a stream of consciousness is actually internal dialogue, talking to yourself.

  2. Magul says:

    This corresponds to the distinction between positive and negative thoughts about others in working models. One mechanism may be communication.

  3. Tygokazahn says:

    These interactions usually involve verbal self-disclosure. Find ways to compromise.

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