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Video about endowed dating:

The rumours may be nasty but that doesn't mean they aren't true! And women can be amenable, if you have the right conversation about it and take the necessary precautions.

Endowed dating

A woman in this situation will then face a dilemma: Is this because they're more photogenic the dongs, not the men or because men all imagine themselves to be endowed like that?

Endowed dating

Endowed dating

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  1. Shaktizil says:

    Even though it has long been disproved, there must be some inkling of curiosity to it, or at least a desire to see if the cliche came from a place of some, albeit non-universal truth. But second, and more importantly, being born with that blessing does tend to make men a little more arrogant and self-assured than the rest of them.

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