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21 Ridiculous Things You Do When You Fancy Someone

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If you were to enter Mastermind, your expert subject would be them It's kind of terrifying how much information you can find out about a person on Facebook. Making eye contact and smiling has a similar effect. To find out more about coming out read this… Often it becomes a balancing act between keeping others and yourself happy.

Fancying someone

Everything in your world will revolve around this new person; they are the centre of your world. At the end of the day it is your heart and your life.

Fancying someone

Fancying someone

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  1. Tukinos says:

    Impatience and paranoia are just two signs that you are a product of the Apple-generation. Your feelings can change very quickly, and there is certainly no guarantee that 4EVA will last for one or both of you no matter how many table tops and toilet doors you scribble it on.

  2. Tojas says:

    Keep your mouth shut. And you eventually crack under the pressure and tell them how you feel LOL JK, you go into the witness protection programme and pretend none of this ever happened.

  3. Voodoodal says:

    Your brow will furrow.

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