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Faygo debuts new Cotton Candy flavor

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Video about faygo cotton candy soda:

Tangy, sweet grape that runs along the back of your tongue. Otherwise, you can leave the taste-tests to me. Maybe even my wife.

Faygo cotton candy soda

An honest review of three Faygo flavors, just as brutally honest as I was expecting. The rest are made with high fructose corn syrup. This one is pretty straightforward, looking and smelling exactly like its name.

Faygo cotton candy soda

Faygo cotton candy soda

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4 Responses

  1. Mogami says:

    This flavor gave off cough syrup vibes, allegedly tasting "identical to Robitussin".

  2. Mezizilkree says:

    Lucky for you, I had five of my friends taste-test the three strangest Faygo flavors I could find. Or what about the ones that may even make you think to yourself, who would want to drink that?

  3. Shaktikus says:

    If you're feeling adventurous yourself and would like to taste these flavors, or even more odd flavors such as Candy Apple or Gold, you can purchase them here.

  4. Goltizragore says:

    Also some really nice, mild carbonation in this bottle that provides some needed tartness and crispness to break up that sugary, grape flavor.

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