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10 Love Coupons You Should Give Your BF or GF – Now!

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Video about funny love coupons:

One weekend getaway at any destination of your choice. Give your partner your full attention, especially if you want that in return. Thirty seconds of pure unadulterated French kissing.

Funny love coupons

All other NSFW content must be tagged as such. No personal info, no hate speech, no harassment.

Funny love coupons

Funny love coupons

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  1. Vijora says:

    What do I do if I see a post that breaks the rules? One quick trip to the store when you are out of aspirin.

  2. Tolmaran says:

    All other NSFW content must be tagged as such. It might help you get laid, too!

  3. Torg says:

    One romantic Sunday afternoon at the park. A Luxurious bubble bath with some romantic music thrown in Totally Free.

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