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Gravida & Parity: Definition & Examples

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That of a woman who has had one pregnancy of twins with successful outcomes would be noted as G1P1. After 6 cm dilation, partogram curves for lower parity multips and grand multips are indistinguishable. A is defined as the number of spontaneous also called a miscarriage or induced abortions.


Calculating Gravidity and Parity Gravidity includes all confirmed pregnancies. A woman who has given birth one or more times can also be referred to as para 1, para 2, para 3 and so on. She has taught continuing education programs for healthcare providers.



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  1. Nashura says:

    A "nulligravida" is a woman who has never been pregnant. The average first stage in a primagravida is significantly slower than in a multiparous woman primarily due to the rate of cervical dilation.

  2. Akinogul says:

    A primiparous woman has given birth once.

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