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Homosexual transsexual

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Blanchard and Zucker came to the general conclusion that birth order has some influence over sexual orientation in biological males in general, and homosexual male-to-female transsexuals in specific. Blanchard also says that non-homosexual transsexual women as well as all other non-homosexual male gender dysphorics have a condition called autogynephilia and are aroused by the idea or image of themselves as women. That is what happens when your female friend goes to get something from the service station and leaves you alone with her new boyfriend for half-an-hour.

Gay transexuals

Questioning the true sexuality of transwomen remains a major strategy used by people opposed to the existence of transgender people. In Depth about transgender people's sexualities.

Gay transexuals

Gay transexuals

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  1. Digis says:

    Clearly only males who are straight and bi-sexual are sexually attracted to females.

  2. Nejind says:

    This differentiation is because sexuality and gender are two very different and unique human conditions.

  3. Dara says:

    In contrast, in their study using an Asian sample they found that the transsexual men had significantly more sisters than controls. Bar that picture, all Dave's pornography was heterosexual in nature.

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