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A Guide to the Types of Gay Men

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They often have toned or slender bodies to complement their hairiness. Basically, it is a gay guy who is a hipster.

Gay tupes

It carries a heavy connotation of wrongness, otherness, or strangeness. Bears This is generally an older group in the population, but tend to hover around middle-aged.

Gay tupes

Gay tupes

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  1. JoJojar says:

    Their primary motive for long, daily lifting sessions relates more to an obsessive need to get bigger. They were the subset known for muscles, being waxed and all-night dance parties.

  2. Moogubei says:

    Craig Byrnes created this flag in

  3. Mazujind says:

    While they may enjoy attention from others in public, that is not their motivation for being fit.

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