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22 Romantic Christmas Movies

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A Christmas Wedding Two strangers who meet on Christmas day plan to marry on Christmas day two years later. As a result, her six-year-old son doubts Santa Claus even exists. See love revealed from a different angle in this Christmas movie.

Good christmas love movies

His and Her Christmas Two journalists who both write Christmas columns for rival newspapers are thrown together and sparks fly. This is a very enjoyable movie filled with romance, drama and will put you in the holiday spirit. She wants to take her son and move back to the home she grew up in but her plan is thwarted when she discovers that her parents have already sold the house.

Good christmas love movies

Good christmas love movies

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    Last I checked, this was not yet available on Netflix but can be rented or streamed on Amazon.

  2. Tak says:

    This film follows the story of this couple's journey from first sight to "I do. A Bride for Christmas After Jessie calls off her third marriage, she promises herself that she won't repeat that mistake a fourth time, and that's when perennial bachelor Aiden shows up.

  3. Mooguzil says:

    A Christmas Romance A widowed mother of two is laid off from her job just before Christmas.

  4. Gogar says:

    Should she attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend, or should she pursue this new guy, or should she go for something else entirely?

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