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What Makes Anal Sex Pleasurable + Why You Should Bring it into Your Sex Life

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The most common objections I hear from men and women are: Massaging her butt and thighs can awaken the sexual energy held in those areas. There are many reasons why a lot of women are not open to trying anal sex.

How enjoyable is anal sex

What most people are not aware of, are some of the more delightful options available from proper anal stimulation. With proper care and awareness, pain is avoidable during anal sex.

How enjoyable is anal sex

How enjoyable is anal sex

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  1. Tegul says:

    Being patient, gentle and using lots of lubrication is key for anal pleasure. Is there an art to it?

  2. Yorg says:

    The key is to relax the sphincter muscle, as this is the gateway to the anal canal.

  3. Zuktilar says:

    Some women hold unexpressed sexual energy in their legs, thighs, and butt.

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