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In this HomeQuicks, know the dos and don'ts of cleaning your Vans shoes without ruining them. Alright, we won't give out a stinging, vitriolic tongue-lashing to you like your angry mama, but before we begin, there are some dos, y'all better follow.

How to restore vans

Today Vans essentially remains devoted to being a true south-Californian shoe brand that is ageless, versatile, and very comfortable. Brush the Sole Bright on to the yellowed soles. One of the simplest tricks to purge your Vans shoes from unbearable mal-odor is by sprinkling it with baking soda, letting it sit for a day, and removing it with a brush the next day.

How to restore vans

How to restore vans

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    You might need to do multiple sessions, depending on how severe the yellowing on your shoes is.

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