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Corey Taylor's thoughts on religion. (from slipknot)

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There is physical evidence of most of the events throughout the history of the earth. Sectioning themselves off from society in a search for internal truth and comfort. Just look at the world around you.

Is slipknot atheist

God can do something about it and cares about it, but doesn't know about it, in which case he isn't all-knowing. And so, the question of God is an unimportant one.

Is slipknot atheist

Is slipknot atheist

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3 Responses

  1. Gardakasa says:

    Modern theoligians would argue that suffering is but a test and that we are all being subjected to pain and suffering in order to test our faith until the next coming of christ. If this "God" does exist, in co-ordinance with the priests statement, and is aware about the matters of his creations, then either:

  2. JoJokus says:

    A great story with magic and miracles, replete with morals and life-lessons to be learnt, as all the best stories should. Most proving the stories in modern day history books.

  3. Motaur says:

    When the real problems are right in front of our noses.

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