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Video about killswitch app:

What you bought was the speaker product. Deleted photos will be placed in a hidden album on your Facebook profile so you can recover them later should you have a change of heart. You didn't buy it, so really, Sonos could do whatever it wants with the app software.

Killswitch app

In fact, there were many people on this forum complaining about the previous version of the app. I'm sure the perfect solution would appear to be allowing each user to pick which version of the app they want to use. What you bought was the speaker product.

Killswitch app

Killswitch app

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2 Responses

  1. Dom says:

    It's a nightmare for all involved. You do not have to update your software, it's just highly recommended.

  2. Brazilkree says:

    I'm not saying it's good business to mess around with the app, but acting like Sonos is messing around with your property is incorrect.

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