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Women-only self defence classes to be launched in Fife

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Video about krav maga perth scotland:

More information is available at kravmagaedinburgh. Your child or children will become fantastic

Krav maga perth scotland

Marcus Houston, from Dunfermline, will start the six weekly seminars this week. The instructors have over years of combined experience

Krav maga perth scotland

Krav maga perth scotland

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  1. Virisar says:

    Once they are able to identify these, they will then be able to make better defensive choices, by either moving themselves away from that danger or reacting defensively. More information is available at kravmagaedinburgh.

  2. Arashura says:

    Krav Maga is a self-defence system based on instinctive More information is available at kravmagaedinburgh.

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