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The ‘Beautiful Water’ Of Lake Simcoe.

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Early opportunities for perch arrive in rivers, canals and marinas right after ice out. Numerous access points, boat launches and accommodation options exist in all of the areas around Lake Simcoe.

Lake simcoe fishing

Every season, a few trophy walleye are recorded while trolling for pike. My personal best, 13 lbs caught off Orchard Beach Tavern. Small children acquiring their first fishing rod, to professional tournament anglers, visit their Pro Shop.

Lake simcoe fishing

Lake simcoe fishing

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  1. Vim says:

    Starting in the south, the perch and crappie seek out the warmer waters.

  2. Vugar says:

    Lesonis prepared the following: Classic spoons, spinner baits, and some new generation swim baits work well.

  3. Akirisar says:

    If you need a place to stay look in our Accommodations.

  4. Zukinos says:

    Early opportunities for perch arrive in rivers, canals and marinas right after ice out.

  5. Zulushakar says:

    Braided line with a quality fluorocarbon leader works best.

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