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Lesbian Orgasm Compilation 4 The Quiet Ones

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You can explore your urethral sponge or G-spot with a firm, curved dildo or your fingers particularly if you have long arms or a short torso or are particularly flexible. Just trust yourself and put your focus on her body, her pleasure.

Lesbians orgams

Findings from this large dataset of U. Stimulate her g-spot with your palm downward and fingers with short, neatly filed nails gently pointed to her front.

Lesbians orgams

Lesbians orgams

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  1. Arabei says:

    If it does though, stand by for fireworks. Have her lie on her belly or get on all fours and position yourself behind her.

  2. Turr says:

    Interestingly, bisexual men and women both had lower orgasm frequencies compared to either their straight or gay counterparts the authors speculate this might be due to subgroups of people with various sexual behaviors who all chose to identify as bisexual. Some women like to stimulate the opening of the vagina just below the urethra.

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