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LoL Terminology

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Proc - Also known as an On-hit effect. Creep Score - The number of minions, monsters, wards, and other units such as Illaoi 's Tentacles you've killed.

Lol terminology

AS - Attack Speed - The speed in which you auto attack no effect on spells. Examples include the passive Thunderlord's Decree basic attack hits , the item Phage 's move speed buff basic attack hits , Vel'Koz 's passive damage ability hits and Vi 's Denting Blows both basic attacks and ability hits.

Lol terminology

Lol terminology

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  1. Gujin says:

    The buff provides a buff to all nearby minions attacks as well as defenses.

  2. Nikolmaran says:

    More important for support champions, since they are the only ones who are not getting gold from killing minions.

  3. Grodal says:

    The buff adds an on-hit effect to auto-attacks which damages and slows based on your level. MIA - Missing In Action - Signals that your lane opponent or the specific enemy you mention is no longer visible on the map, and may be on their way to "gank" a teammate.

  4. Meztik says:

    IMO - In my opinion - This is a common abbreviation across the web, and isn't limited to online games. A more complete list can be found on the wiki.

  5. Vudomuro says:

    Crab - Rift Scuttler - One of two large monsters, located in the top and bottom rivers. The Blue Sentinel itself.

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