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Some dealers might charge a re-stocking fee for returns. Do used car parts come with a warranty? Other names for these businesses include salvage yards and automotive recyclers.

Martins junkyard rome ga

Customers should check with the dealership before making a purchase. Contact them at

Martins junkyard rome ga

Martins junkyard rome ga

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  1. Goltir says:

    Is a used car part dealer the same as a junkyard?

  2. Zulubei says:

    Some dealers accept returns if the component is returned with the original invoice.

  3. Zulkinris says:

    Other names for these businesses include salvage yards and automotive recyclers. Auto repair shops might also sell used car parts.

  4. Tuzuru says:

    Junkyards are businesses where people can shop for used car parts.

  5. Toshicage says:

    Why don't you give them a try?.

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