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Women And Weed: Meet The Female Stoners

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From Rihanna to Alia Shawkat, Broad City to Girls, women who smoke are becoming less elusive, constructing musical and visual narratives around their lives and their experiences with drugs. How much do you think class and race comes into it?

Meet girls who smoke weed

There are so many aspects of culture that men have such a hold on just because they are the dominant gender. Rachel How did you get into smoking weed? You get smaller bags.

Meet girls who smoke weed

Meet girls who smoke weed

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  1. Mazujar says:

    In terms of picking up, do you ever feel unsafe? I just think, what is the nicest thing I could do for myself?

  2. Mikus says:

    Plus, because I live in a medical and now recreational state and an area that hosts a lot of events, I tend to have better luck meeting cannabis-friendly people in person. At least twice more guys.

  3. Bragis says:

    I never smoked in school and it was only until last summer and I met this guy who I eventually fell in love with, and on our first date I was so nervous that I properly got stoned.

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