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It consists of adverbs or other words preposition, noun, verb, modifiers that make a group works like an adverb in a sentence. The function of a phrase depends on its construction words it contains.


A prepositional phrase starts with a preposition and mostly ends with a noun or pronoun. Third place went to Miss Tan with a net 71 net and second to Miss Phin with a net I met the boy who helped me.



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  1. Tezahn says:

    With five groups playing we got away a little early as the course was not very busy at all. It modifies verb, an adjective or another adverb.

  2. Vudojin says:

    The scoring was quite good and coming in third today was Auke Engelkes with net 71 on a count back over Vincent Smyth. Taking third place was John Anderson with 36 points, one behind Chris Dodd in second while Helmut Hebstreit took the top spot with 38 points.

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