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No drama who loves God. Looking forward to discovering a partner who can match wits and passion. I'm into comedies, documentaries, sci-fi and MMA.

Missouri personals

I have a younger brother. We have 2 beautiful girls MaKinlee and Brittney. I'm a very up front and blunt person I don't sugar coat anything for anyone that's part of my personality.

Missouri personals

Missouri personals

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  1. Meztirg says:

    I am curvacious, funny, loyal, caring, and a jokester. Im not being a dick or blasphemous i truly am the creator and can prove all i say, dont worry im not pissed about anything going on just riding out the wave til the collapes happens and we can start over.

  2. Yozshut says:

    It would be nice to meet a like minded person. If you drink every night we wouldn't work.

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