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The film is produced by Spyglass Entertainment How the Christmas holiday is woven into the story may vary, but one thing remains consistent - love is the reason for the season. The film stars Kurt Russell as Saint Nicholas.

Most romantic christmas movies

The movie was so successful that they produced a sequel! The Holiday Calendar This Christmas movie is totally cheesy but the perfect movie to throw on during girl's night.

Most romantic christmas movies

Most romantic christmas movies

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  1. Tukazahn says:

    Not to mention, this movie is brought to you by the same producers of the Harry Potter films.

  2. Turn says:

    It's coming to Netflix next month!

  3. Shak says:

    While searching, she uncovers the ornament's magical past and meets something special at the same time.

  4. Zololkree says:

    Latifah plays a humble store assistant, Georgia, who is told that she has a rare brain condition,

  5. Terisar says:

    When trouble ensues, they help him save Christmas. They meet and decide to switch lives for a few days during the holiday season.

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