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Unaffectionate Wife

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Video about my wife is cold and unaffectionate:

But is it wrong of me to expect some level of desire and sexual interest in me? It could be the residue of an unloving upbringing.

My wife is cold and unaffectionate

I'm really depressed right now because I don't see you even acknowledging any of this. He thinks, without acting on it, about finding relief in the arms of a prostitute. I just know it hasn't spurred you to even care about facing them honestly or talking to me about them.

My wife is cold and unaffectionate

My wife is cold and unaffectionate

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  1. Doukree says:

    Of course, anybody in a long-term relationship will recognise a few of these behaviours after the initial honeymoon period is over. It could be lack of love for you or a lack of pleasure in sex which in turn could have many causes.

  2. Mikataxe says:

    No way I want to have sex tonight. The few times I've tried to make an effort to take you somewhere and do something with just you and me, it's like you physically show up, but you weren't their emotionally?

  3. Meztikree says:

    It has been observed by many mental health professionals that, after the first seven years, the initial excitement and romance of the marriage, wears off as people get to know all about each other and as they become set in their daily routines.

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