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10 Self-Made Kid Millionaires

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MeetMe has only managed to gain 2. Her site had virtually no traffic until she began offering free custom Myspace layouts to fellow classmates. Impressed with the results of his work, people around the neighborhood began offering him money for other designing jobs.

Myyearbook mobile

I will not be playing anymore… sorry.. That's ads every 20 seconds depending how fast you browse profiles!

Myyearbook mobile

Myyearbook mobile

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    Users are the most important asset.

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    The above is very interesting to me. This app has different variations and themes in Japan which brings a twist with mahjong game.

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    Usually more users results in more page views, which creates the opportunity for more viewable impressions to serve an ad. Technology Tycoon Tyler Dikman started out earning money like most other kids, by mowing lawns, running lemonade stands, and babysitting.

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