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Foreign relations of Nigeria

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The starting point is the number of jobs created by new entrants over a 3-year interval, i. Those countries for which specific confidentiality rules limited the comprehensiveness of the statistics are excluded from the graph. Furthermore, Bartelsman et al.


This article is also related to the stream of research that focuses on the quality of jobs created by new businesses, generally highlighting a negative wage premium associated with new firms see for instance Brixy et al. The authors present evidence on the firm size distribution, firm demographics, and post-entry performance of firms across 10 OECD countries between and Gabon has an embassy in Abuja.



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  1. Bakus says:

    Guinea has an embassy in Abuja and a consulate in Lagos.

  2. Sakree says:

    Egypt has an embassy in Abuja and a consulate-general in Lagos. Previous work Criscuolo et al.

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