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Porn & Pop Culture: How Society Is Becoming More “Pornified”

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Video about pornified culture:

When Words Are Not Enough: Because the report is written and interpreted by the anti-biblical American Psychological Association, some of the conclusions are unbiblical and all of the conclusions avoid any sense of sin and offense against God. Aggression And Behavior 36 1 , 14—

Pornified culture

It also leads to impaired cognitive performance. This one rang especially true:

Pornified culture

Pornified culture

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Hogrefe Verlag; Zillmann, D. That one let on true:.
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    He wants to sodomize her and often do far worse than that.

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    Aggression And Behavior 36 1 , 14— Do not allow your children to have a computer in their rooms and do not allow them to have their own televisions.

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