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21 Movies That Will Bring Back Sweet Memories Of School Crushes And First Loves

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A lot of us can relate to that. Chasing Liberty The film is about the year-old daughter of the president of the United States who's fed up of being tailed by the Secret Service.

Romance school movies

The Classic This South Korean film tells the parallel love stories of a mother and daughter in the most beautiful way. The screenplay is written in a very realistic and impressive way. Well, this coming-of-age comedy-drama deals with exactly the same concept.

Romance school movies

Romance school movies

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  1. Mauzuru says:

    And she gets the guy. Even though this movie was the usual, 'popular boy makes bet to make dork girl prom queen', it was a delight to watch.

  2. Kehn says:

    Ever had the hots for your best friend's cute brother? Everything is magical in your teens.

  3. Gujas says:

    It was all about the first crush and the first love, something which almost anyone could related to. Bianca promises to help him pass science if he'll advise her how to stop being a DUFF.

  4. Tojarr says:

    Even after she becomes a princess, she doesn't forget about all the times Michael saw her for who she was instead of how she looked like.

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