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Sagittarius and Sagittarius

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Sag are happy people and they want to make loved ones happy — expect surprise gifts and lots of ego boosting. When these two of a kind with shared interests get together, They will indulge in exciting, passionate and intellectual discussions in which they can be totally themselves without having to put on any airs.

Sagittarius and sagittarius compatibility 2017

Even Sag recognizes that adventures require budgeting and planning skills. When two Adventurers fall in love, will Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility be strong enough to settle them down, or are this couple destined for a short relationship as each moves on to pastures new?

Sagittarius and sagittarius compatibility 2017

Sagittarius and sagittarius compatibility 2017

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  1. Kegrel says:

    This is the couple who will happily spend their honeymoon roughing it in a jungle somewhere, or who will have a caravan and spend every weekend roaming the country with it.

  2. Ter says:

    Archers run away from too much drama so a cool headed lady will surely make him stay. You also both like your freedom a little too much, and both tend to be fairly unemotional.

  3. Nalrajas says:

    The only possible reason for jealousy and mistrust in this contact rises from other personal pointers, rather than their Suns in the sign of Sagittarius. Also known as the archer, the Sagittarius sun sign native loves to travel, which is because they have an open mind and love to expand their knowledge of different types of people and cultures.

  4. Mezibei says:

    If they manage to take their relationship notches higher, this couple will have a smooth sailing one.

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