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SCRUFF Takes on Cyber Safety

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The most important message form my perspective is that Scruff Venture really expands the way you can use gay apps. The GTAs are a part of a broader suite of travel features the Scruff has really been working to build in the last couple years, because we really see ourselves not only for finding dates, friendships, hook-ups, and all of the above, but we also see ourselves as a social network. And for the most part, we play it extremely safe or at least, we should.

Scruff venture

This service is in effect for more than 80 countries around the world, and is built atop a report thats published annually by a non-profit in Switzerland called ILGA. SCRUFF may have started as a bear equivalent to Grindr, but Silverberg recognizes that apps are in a unique position to insure the safety of its members in hostile territory.

Scruff venture

Scruff venture

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  1. Kagaramar says:

    And this member was especially grateful, and that got us thinking how we could really do this in a bigger way. Scruff is a gay social network.

  2. Ket says:

    Separate from the main SCRUFF grid-site, and not restricted to members of the app, the openly-available GTA is constructed along the same lines as the invaluable CIA World Factbook , listing what gays and lesbians can expect, socially and legally, upon entering a particular country.

  3. Tojanris says:

    And in a typical gay app, they'll see a grid of guys, and most of those guys are probably local and aren't going to be able to connect with you until the end of the day. It's all about subterfuge.

  4. Munris says:

    And when you work in the gay community, the that means a lot of things. And I was personally able to use Scruff Venture to chat with guys who were going to be at this event a couple of weeks before people were arriving.

  5. Vushura says:

    The last thing I would like to mention is that we actually put this content into the public domain, so that anyone, any app, any company can build their won gay travel advisory service if they liked.

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