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Watch the full episode to learn how much it'll cost you, what the pros and cons of this method are, direct comparison to an AGS and to see our final results. Hopefully it was as enjoyable to watch as it was time consumingly brutal to create but this is one of my favorite toddler memories so it had to turn out swell. Have you played it?


I remember dragging my high school girlfriend to the mall on 9. Stay tuned for a full review video on YouTube.



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    I love this console! Subscribe to The Gamer:

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    We show you what to buy, where to buy it and what tools you will need. Have you played it?

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    Follow me, TweeterMan, on Twitter!

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    Thanks for all the support people! I haven't actually played through Pokemon Crystal and probably only spent less then 5 hours Maybe the batteries ran out

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    Follow this guide and you'll have your wish!

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