Should You Stay Or Should You Go? Know the 9 Common Traits of A Serial Cheater So You Can Decide

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Share this article Share This person will likely also amp up their social media use and become suspicious about it, close apps and pages down when you walk in and start saying things like 'I'm not happy' or 'I just need some time alone' Other signs include less frequent sex and affection, not kissing you like they used to, coming home late from work and having a shower before bed. April 27, at 3: These are the relationships you need to be wary of.

Serial cheaters signs

So let them go, let go of them. And it could also mean that he is already chasing someone else.

Serial cheaters signs

Serial cheaters signs

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    And if your wife suffers from one of these unhealthy relationship attachment styles: Do not put the decision in her hands.

  2. Tygomi says:

    Does anyone in the family truly win when a marriage is irreparable?

  3. Malagrel says:

    The cheating spouse must first want to stay in the relationship and then proactively take the action to earn your trust back. This time more intensely, because I had ignored them for so long.

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