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Since the focus of this book is the internals of the Solaris kernel, the book provides a great deal of information on the architecture of the kernel and the major data structures and algorithms implemented in the operating system. The differences are in the specific implementation details, such as per-processor hardware registers. Thus, we have emphasized the methods and tools that can be used on a Solaris system to extract information that otherwise is not easily accessible with the standard bundled commands and utilities.

Soft swop

System users who just want to know moreabout how the Solaris kernel works will find high-level overviews at the start of each chapter. We cover the major Solaris subsystems, including memory management, process management, threads, files, and file systems.

Soft swop

Soft swop

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  1. Fenriran says:

    Application developerscan find information in this book about how Solaris implements functions behind the application programming interfaces.

  2. Vusar says:

    This information helps developers understand performance, scalability, and implementation specifics of each interface when they develop Solaris applications. Major data structures and data flow diagrams are provided in each chapter to aid debugging and navigation of Solaris Systems.

  3. Akilabar says:

    The material included in this book is not necessarily presented at an introductory level, although whenever possible we begin discussing a topic with some conceptual background information.

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