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HIV and AIDS Chat Room

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Users of Internet sites providing medical information indicate that personal privacy is their number one concern Winker et al. This was a crude assessment developed algorithmically from the risk assessment that weighted various risk behaviors e. Methodological challenges While the advantages of Internet-based applications are numerous, particularly with regard to cost-effectiveness, numbers of potential users and data collection capabilities Gustafson et al.

Std chat room

While these are important to study, the focus of this paper is to consider those online interventions that do not have a purpose that is adjunct or complimentary to specific clinic encounters and to consider the challenges we face in implementing such interventions, particularly from the consumer viewpoint. In an earlier phase of the study staff identified chat rooms and bulletin board sites where people exhibited behaviors suggesting partner solicitation Bull and McFarlane

Std chat room

Std chat room

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    In addition, to eliminate concerns regarding multicollinearity, we assessed the correlation between males and MSM, both independent variables in the logistic regression models, and found values below 0.

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    This finding is supported by evidence from the San Francisco Health Department, whose experience in tracking partners of persons with known syphilis infection was substantially augmented by a personal endorsement of the infected partner when E-mail messages were sent Klausner et al.

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