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What's it like to cheat on your husband? These three women are regularly unfaithful

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The second meet the following meet was with a guy from Leicester whom I met at a hotel halfway between us. I think it's fair to point out that in all other respects we have a great relationship; enjoy nights out, holidays, have a laugh etc but this missing bit was starting to get in the way. It wasn't long before messages and offers to meet up started coming through.

Stories of unfaithful wives

I had always sworn, after past relationships that had ended due to infidelity, that I would never let anyone treat me like that again. Mostly us avoiding anything unpleasant or potentially unpleasant. For some it ends up being the breakdown of a marriage and leads to a broken home and custody battle for children but for others it can sustain a relationship at breaking point.

Stories of unfaithful wives

Stories of unfaithful wives

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  1. Dourr says:

    We all had one thing in common. Almost every one of the warning signs on the chart were pointing to her recent behaviours.

  2. Zolobar says:

    My wife worked for a school district office and had access to internet at her work.

  3. Kajisida says:

    I have a close male friend whom I trust implicitly and I confided in him.

  4. Kagaramar says:

    I just told her to leave and went back to camp. She does not go near the PC anymore and has become my wife again.

  5. Mauk says:

    Rex Over time, I met men who had wives with arthritis, alcoholism, menopausal symptoms, depression, to name a few. I was also leading a double life then.

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