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The property has three bedrooms, all of which are connected to the swimming pool by tunnels Mr Fletcher said: It all centres around Billy Hull who tried to hire someone to kill his wife, got prosecuted for tax evasion, and did time in prison. Quantina Coleman, 25, was charged by ABC officers with possession of marijuana.

Strip club in chattanooga tn

The pool is the focus of the entire house, you walk into the main entrance and you're nearly in the pool. Two of the security guards employed at the club are convicted felons, and Randolph Jennings is currently on parole for aggravated robbery, it was stated. His photo series show the vandalized remains of the building with floor to ceiling marble and chandeliers still intact.

Strip club in chattanooga tn

Strip club in chattanooga tn

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    Aaron Washington 25, of Sylvan Dr.

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    Jennings, 33, who was employed as a security guard, was arrested for resisting a stop and possession of marijuana.

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