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Even in the face of rising tuition and living expenses, students shouldn't be forced to forgo the formative experience of traveling the world. So I called customer care.

Studentuniverse reviews 2017

I can deal with clickbait sites giving one or two promoted prices for clicks. Users can sign up for the platform for free, but will have to provide evidence that they are between the ages of 18 and 26 and enrolled in an accredited college or university in order to take advantage of the site's best pricing. Five international phone calls later over the course of 3 weeks, wracking up to over 2 hours worth of phone time, and we finally have our tickets home.

Studentuniverse reviews 2017

Studentuniverse reviews 2017

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4 Responses

  1. Gozragore says:

    Anything for that price. So I called customer care.

  2. Dosida says:

    I went to book it but I every time I went to the payment page, it said my session was expired and I couldn't purchase the ticket. Two friends and I used it this last semester Fall for a study abroad experience in Denmark.

  3. Jukora says:

    If anyone drops out of the trip or the trip is cancelled, StudentUniverse also offers seat and whole trip cancellations penalty-free. Don't forget, too, that StudentUniverse's site features a whole page dedicated to promo codes that will drop your price even further, and could outstrip any deals you'll find on other sites.

  4. Todal says:

    Find the best rate for your desired destination on StudentUniverse, then search similar flights on another travel site such as Google Flights to find as many fares as possible, and pick the best flight for you. I found a great price for a direct flight on united.

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