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Successful Couples who Healed after Infidelity

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Video about success stories after infidelity:

As a therapist, I need to honor whatever each partner decides to do. Watching the videos, working through the written material, and sharing our personal struggles and triumphs with other couples who were going through the same thing gave me and my husband a chance to restore what was lost and heal from the wounds my infidelity had caused. Somehow I knew that, even though I wanted to, I could not call her names, could not tell her I hated her, and could not say anything other than how I felt and how hurt I was.

Success stories after infidelity

It is part of our story now but we've taken the time to walk through the pain and deal with it in a healthy way. Hope for Healing convinced me I had to become broken and tell all.

Success stories after infidelity

Success stories after infidelity

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  1. Kagazshura says:

    I had been looking at it for a while and the cost deterred me, but this course is truly priceless.

  2. Gardagore says:

    Suddenly, while she was sobbing and apologizing and begging me to forgive her, the feelings inside me changed from the anger and pain, and I felt a very strong sense of compassion for her. The structure is great, keeping you thinking, digging, processing, praying and talking to each other.

  3. Zulkilabar says:

    The material is great but more importantly I looked forward to the call each week because of the connections.

  4. Tut says:

    EMSO has changed both of us. The lessons made me dig really deep to uncover things that needed to be uncovered.

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