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A Teen Lesbian Sleepover

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Then she texted that it would be different if she didn't have a girlfriend. Also like other teen relationships, regardless of sexuality, teen trysts tend to flame out quickly.

The sleepover lesbian

Whether it was denial or cluelessness on my part, I didn't know it was significant. Two years earlier, I'd walked in on my daughter with another girl. I wasn't going to freak out like the other mum, but I was hurt that my daughter hadn't told me herself.

The sleepover lesbian

The sleepover lesbian

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  1. Kirn says:

    But what remained the same was the maturity level and broken hearts.

  2. Meztizil says:

    That girl came and went a few times throughout high school, usually leaving some kind of upheaval in her wake. She thinks it's a choice.

  3. Daigis says:

    But then I thought:

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