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I miss sharing travel experiences with him, but I'm still going to travel even if he won't go. Why, then, add a complete unknown entity, ie me, into the mix? Want a spa-loving, year-old who adores rock music and enjoys an occasional drink?

Travel companions for singles

I guess there are a lot of us out there. Something in between would be fine:

Travel companions for singles

Travel companions for singles

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    Fortunately, a pattern emerged that we only retreated to our rooms to sleep - or if there was a three-way arrangement to meet in one and make some headway into Maddy's duty-free bubbly. Can you have fun talking to each other for hours — and more importantly, perhaps, can you enjoy the silence together and share space without constantly having to entertain each other?

  2. Mazugal says:

    Discuss Your Goals for the Trip What do you most want to experience on this trip? She shrugged and told me she followed her instincts.

  3. Goltishicage says:

    As Maddy and Teresa had booked before me, they'd already arranged to share a room. Search for "travel" against your hometown and see what shows up.

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