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New Choice for World Currency: “Chinese Yuan Will Supersede Dollar as Top Reserve Currency”

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Video about twart:

However, the term Fan Wank often has a more literal meaning when used by Brits. They also had to run different sets of ads before the 9pm Watershed , because they couldn't use the film's full title. Surge who is supposed to be American exclaims in an early episode, "God damn!


Harry Turtledove doesn't do too badly at curse levels, but uses things like 'bloody' far too often in a lot of cases which has to be quite a bit, given how much we use it. In reality, it doesn't even register as a swearword to most people and calling someone a berk is less offensive than calling them an idiot.



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  1. Ararg says:

    Not in this country, madam!

  2. Akinojar says:

    Especially given Giles' clipped and somewhat posh phrasing most of the time. In the Napoleonic Wars, one of the French slang terms for the British was "Les Goddamns", because of how often they said it.

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