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World’s biggest dating site Badoo investigated by HMRC over tax bill

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The old interface was limiting us in so many ways and even though we had tweaked and improved it many times, it got to the point where I admitted that we can no longer build up new features upon an old interface. What sort of financial model is there with that? For years it started to remind as we call it internally us of a 'Frankenstein'.

Uk badoo

Sometimes you make friends. At the meeting, it's instantly recognisable that neither of you can live up to the expectations and you part company.

Uk badoo

Uk badoo

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  1. Faugis says:

    There used to be a perception that dating apps equalled sex. I have a lot of traditions.

  2. Goltisar says:

    All you needed to do is actually have a good product — which is a breakthrough in itself.

  3. Nikree says:

    What did you do before founding Badoo?

  4. Faubar says:

    If there's no chemistry, there's no chemistry Andy, 45, London Andy, 45, from Scotland, lives in London and has been married and divorced twice.

  5. Maurr says:

    I'm trying to find people with an open mind, who are kind, intelligent, smart. In South Korea dating apps rank very poorly compared with other apps Middle East Egypt and Saudi Arabia use apps that have little popularity beyond their borders.

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