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wat does emo mean?

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The song, characterized as emo hip hop [60] due to its lyrics referring to suicide and emotional breakdowns peaked at number seven on the Billboard Hot Data triangulation was of special interest in this study to ensure reliability and validity, especially in the light of the fact that limited specialised literature is available on the Emo subculture.

Wat is emo

The literature study focused on human development, the concepts contra-culture and subculture, Gestalt development, Gestalt therapy theories and the ecological theory. Emo rap has been noted to depart from the "traditional" tones found in modern mainstream hip hop in favor of more emotional and personal lyrical content, [12] [13] described by the Wall Street Journal as "giving their elders the finger. Data-triangulering was van besondere belang in hierdie ondersoek om vertrouenswaardigheid en geldigheid te verseker, veral in die lig daarvan dat daar min vakkundige literatuur oor die Emo-subkultuur beskikbaar is.

Wat is emo

Wat is emo

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    Cudi later released Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven , an alternative rock album that was criticized for its messy and uncoordinated style alongside nihilistic lyrics, [33] [34] though he himself labeled it as "the most important album in existence" saying "in 5 years, you'll see its impact" — referring to Cudi's attempt to innovate beyond hip-hop's typical boundaries.

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