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Waterfall Gully to Mount Lofty Hike

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There is an extensive network of bushwalking trails within the surrounding Cleland Conservation Park please visits the park page for more information. These include rabbits, blackbirds and starlings. Waterfall Gully was one of the hardest hit suburbs:

Water gully adelaide

You could join others to help look after a park. Want to join others and become a Park Friend?

Water gully adelaide

Water gully adelaide

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  1. Kazilkree says:

    You could join others to help look after a park.

  2. Fekus says:

    Its most notable geographical features are its gully and waterfall. Cannan operated the mill as the "Traversbrook Mill" for approximately two years before selling the venture to a Mr.

  3. Gardanris says:

    The pair made three attempts to scale the mount before succeeding, and for their first attempt they attempted to traverse Waterfall Gully.

  4. Kigakora says:

    The bark from the local stringybark trees Eucalyptus obliqua [7] was used in the construction of winter huts, and stones and native timbers were used to form tools.

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    Most of this land was combined in to create the park that extends eastwards up the gully to the summit of Mount Lofty and northwards to Greenhill Road. There was only a slight change in the census, with the population increasing by 25 to 2,

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