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I think we should leave out words that are simply used by small groups.. Distribute arts and crafts materials and direct students to illustrate one or more of their words-you may consider distributing copies of the Pinelands Listening Vocabulary to the students in case they need to recheck their words' definitions. Of the remaining words that are unknown to the students, assign each student a few words this will depend on how many of the words they already know, as well as the teachers assessment of the abilities of the students which they will listen to learn about as they re-view the audio-visual program "The New Jersey Pinelands, Our Country's First National Reserve".

Wdym meaning in text

More categories[ edit ] When we look at the discussion below we can see there are a lot of other slangs wich should be listed. Partner off students and have them quiz each other on their words.

Wdym meaning in text

Wdym meaning in text

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    It would create some oversight.

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    Suggest they listen for definitions, context clues, synonyms, descriptions or examples. This lesson will introduce the students to the following vocabulary words:

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    I think too many categories would make it harder to have an overview and would lead to fights and confusion as to which category an acronym belongs too, but I do see how a few more could be informative [note:

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