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Here is a close up picture of the handles after blocking. I love the flatness of this crochet object.


The original Greek text may have been a diplomatic gift from the court of Justinian to a potential ally among Frankish royalty, translated two centuries later by the Franks themselves in their efforts to convert the pagan Saxons. Repeat steps 1 -3 to frame the second handle. When you reach the point where your first ball is finished, add the second ball as follow:



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    He recognized it as a representative of an early stage in the Christian chronicle tradition that would dominate medieval historiography.

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    Keeping your tension even will give your purse this neat and clean look. In addition to presenting a universal chronicle with a comprehensive ethnography and geography, the Excerpta offer a Euhemeristic narrative of the gods and another account of Alexander.

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    Sl st in BLO of the first sc made on pre rnd, mark this first st. Sc till you are 12 sts from corner, ch 50, sk 36 sts, sc 13 sts before the next corner.

  4. Meztigal says:

    If you crochet tightly I suggest that you use a 2.

  5. Grokora says:

    Remove marker, sc in the same place where marker was located — Mark the first sc.

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